The 2007 Armory Show
The Singing Cipher was on display in the Pierogi Gallery booth at the 2007 Armory Show (Feb 22-26, 2007). Tucked in among 10 home-depot's-worth of art, it delighted passers-by from all walks of life.
Irregular Hours, Pierogi Leipzig
Irregular Hours showed at Pierogi Leipzig from April 29 to July 22, 2006
Pierogi Leipzig
Spinnereistrasse 7, Halle 10
04179 Leipzig, Germany
The 2006 Armory Show
March 10-13, 2006
3 wall gins and the Rotary Ordinator gave a continuous concert in the Pierogi Gallery booth.
Irregular Hours, Pierogi Brooklyn
Dec 31, 2005-Jan 30, 2006

This exhibit took place at Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn, NY and consisted of 12 wall-mounted melody gins which produced occasional electronic utterances at ever-shifting intervals of time. A Rotary Ordinator coordinated them for the last performance.
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Jan 7, 7:30 pm:
Rhythm Hour
Dewanatrons in concert

Jan 14, 7:30 pm:
An Evening of Serendipitous Counterpoint
The Dual Primate Console joined by live musicians:
Ted Gannon - vibes, flute, trombone
Kurt Hoffman - bass clarinet
John Keen - bass trombone, jaw harp
James Maher - mandolin, fiddle
Tony Maimone - banjo bass
Joe McGinty - melodica
David Scher - fetid wheeze horn
Kevin Walsh - trombone

Jan 21, 7:30 pm:
Laffpix Film Archive at Large
Silent film show curated by Mark Newgarden with accompaniment by the Dual Primate Console, Will Holshouser on accordion, and David Scher on clarinet.

Jan 28, 7:30 pm:
Rotary Ordination
Debut application of Rotary Ordinator, wiring signals to 12 wall-mounted Melody Gins, locking their notes into a contrapuntal mesh.

The 2005 Armory Show
March 11-14, 2005
Dewanatron's appearance consisted of a live 32 hour Dual Primate Console odyssey over the course of the exhibit, with swarmatron accompaniment.
Individuals or insitutions interested in purchasing a Dewanatron Electronic Music Instrument: please contact Pierogi Gallery.
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